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DJI Phantom 2

CCI Atomics is partnering with DJI to bring the DJI Phantom 2 to farmers all over the country. This entry-level fixed wing coptor offers a wide variety of features, while still being extremely easy to set up and fly. Features include:

Although the Phantom 2 prides itself on being easy to fly, we understand that this technology can be overwhelming and even intimidating to those who have no prior experience with it. Because of this, CCI Atomics offers further services to help implement UAV technology into your farming.

Training Services

Extra or complete training available

CCI Atomics understands that every farm, every field, and every UAV application is different. This is why we provide extra or complete training to those unfamiliar with unmanned aerial vehicles. Please contact us and we will be happy to customize a training solution to best fit your specific need.

Other Services

Let us help you further

If you still have your doubts about investing in UAVs, consider this: CCI Atomics also offers the service of contracting employees who will gladly do all the flying and surveying for you. Our localized and regional contractual services are a great advantage for anybody looking to incorporate UAVs into their farm.

We also understand that purchasing drones can be extremely expensive. That is why we also offer the service of organizing co-ops of farmers who can purchase the Phantom 2 and receive training at a reduced price. To contract out one of our employees or to get more information on our farming cooperative services, please contact us today.