Idaho farm

About Us

A home-grown company born and raised in Emmett, Idaho

Having lived and worked on farms our whole lives, we are familiar with the needs of farmers and we strive to meet those needs both regionally and nationally. We also understand that in today’s world, time is precious—monitoring a large farm single-handedly can be time-consuming and troublesome. Using drones to monitor your farm saves you time and money by allowing you to quickly cover all acres of your land. This will return higher yields and healthier crops, which is every farmer's goal. We invite you to discover the benefits of partnering with CCI Atomics and investing in UAVs for agriculture today.

Our mission

At CCI Atomics, we are continually furthering the development of Unmanned Aircraft Surveillance platforms for agricultural use. We will be purchasing and developing for resale and lease UAS drones over the next three years as FAA and FCC regulations open up this exciting and innovative market.

Why do business with CCI Atomics?

CCI Atomics specializes in providing agricultural UAVs to farmers nationwide, but our services don’t stop there. We realize that this technology can pose challenges to those not familiar with it. We also realize that every farm is different and comes with specialized needs. Whatever your farm requires, we promise to customize a solution that best fits your needs.

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